Diploma Framing
“Matting” is the term used to the process of cutting mats in
specific sizes. The cuts are usually windows that would border
and protect an art item in a frame. We use cotton to prevent
the artwork from coming in direct contact with the frame or

We custom cut our mats to the exact size of your artwork and
add borders around it. “Weighting” is a style of matting where
the bottom border of the mat is at least a half inch wider than
the other three sides. You can also choose the “floating” style
which is often used when the artwork is more attractive resting
on an acid-free mat instead of having its edges covered with a
cut window. This style is used when it is more interesting to
display aged edges of an artwork such as water colors.

Our matboards come in different thicknesses. Using a thicker
mat changes the perception of the piece. It centers the
attention onto the art while giving a beautiful bevel around it.
You can also use two or more mats of different colors to
create a sense of perception and to combine all the materials
together – artwork, mats and frame.

We also specialize in Fabric Matting (including: Silk, Linen,
and Suede).up to 16 ply matting, bevel accents, and fillets.
Small pictures can be framed
together,with multiple windows,
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