Special Mirror Sale
Combine our high quality frames with the finest glass mirrors to create a true work of art. 
Each of our mirror frames are cut and assembled to your specifications for the best addition  to your décor. They bring light and openness and reflect the beauty of their surroundings. 
Also, for more variety of choices, we bring to you antique mirrors with different finishes and  colors.
In addition to all the custom-sized mirrors we offer, we carry Peruvian  mirrors. Craftsmen from Europe and South America practice the  “reverse-glass-painting” to bring these beautiful hand-made panels that  are hand-cut and hand-painted. These panels are then placed into a  wood frame in a unique design. These mirrors are available in many  sized and shapes with beautifully combined colors.
As an Official Retailer, Jack's Gallery carries  a large collection of Mirrors and other arts: 
Traditional, Rectangle Traditional,  Non-Rectangle  Contemporary-Transitional,  Iron, Oversized, Silver-Champagne, Antique,  Gold-Bronze, Woodtone, Vanity Mirror and  more.
Jack's Art Galley offers:
Ready Made Mirrors
Custom Made Mirrors
Full Length Mirrors
Polished Edge
Beveled Mirrors
Antique Style Mirrors
Mirror glass for tables
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