Our expert art designers have their experience at your service. They will help you choose the best frame and mat.

combination to perfectly complement your art and preserve it for a long lasting enjoyment- all at the best price.

Stop by our shop to browse through our selection. Visualize it, touch it, feel it, before you buy it.

We have a large selection of art, both framed and unframed, from posters to limited edition prints and original art by local artists.

At Jack’s Gallery, we offer

  • Free Estimates
  • Art Consulting
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Framed Art For Sale in Each Gallery
  • Custom mirrors & 1 hour framing available


  • Conservation Framing
  • Needlework, Stretching
  • Shadow Box Framing
  • Object Framing
  • Rush Services
  • Custom Mirrors
  • PLXI box Framing
  • Ketubot (Ketubbah) Framing
  • Laminated Plaques


  • Picture hanging systems
  • Cleaning/re-framing/
    Repairs/Restorations (some
  • Glass Replacement/Upgrades
    Print ordering service

Consulting services

  • Color and Design
  • Consultation
    Business & Commercial Art
  • Expert Advice
  • Home & Office Consultation


  • Conservation
  • Non-Glare / Regular
  • Plexi-Glass/Acrylic
  • aMuseum Glass


  • Box Mounting
  • Laminating
  • Dry / Vacuum Mounting
  • Specialty Mounting


  • Ready-Made
  • Custom Wood & Metal Mouldings
  • Gold-Leaf Frames
  • Hand-Made Finishes


  • French Matting
  • Specialty Cuts
  • Multi-Opening
  • Special Requests Accepted

Jack’s Gallery carries a wide variety of frames ready to be custom made. All our  frames are done on premises. Your artwork will safely stay in our frame shop until  delivered or picked up. We are fully insured and we guarantee your satisfaction.
We provide to our customers a large selection of metal and wood frames, hand  finished and gold leaf frames from all colors and designs.

  •  Diplomas and Professional Certificate framing
  •  Photo montage framing
  •  Puzzle mounting
  •  Sports memorabilia and jersey
  •  Collectibles framing
  •  Military medal and certificate framing
  •  Acrylic cases
  •  Needle- and fabric-art mounting and framing
  •  Canvas transfers of photos or any image
  •  Gold-leaf hand-made frames
  •  Mirrors of all sizes or shapes, flat or bevel glass
  •  Oval and circular frames
  •  Triangular flag display cases in many finishes and sizes
  •  Archival/conservation framing
  •  Volume discounts

“Matting” is the term used to the process of cutting mats in  specific sizes. The cuts are usually windows that would border  and protect an art item in a frame. We use cotton to prevent  the artwork from coming in direct contact with the frame or  glass.

We custom cut our mats to the exact size of your artwork and  add borders around it. “Weighting” is a style of matting where  the bottom border of the mat is at least a half inch wider than  the other three sides. You can also choose the “floating” style  which is often used when the artwork is more attractive resting  on an acid-free mat instead of having its edges covered with a  cut window. This style is used when it is more interesting to  display aged edges of an artwork such as water colors.

Our matboards come in different thicknesses. Using a thicker  mat changes the perception of the piece. It centers the
attention onto the art while giving a beautiful bevel around it.
You can also use two or more mats of different colors to  create a sense of perception and to combine all the materials  together – artwork, mats and frame.

We also specialize in Fabric Matting (including: Silk, Linen,  and Suede).up to 16 ply matting, bevel accents, and fillets.

Mounting an artwork, like a poster, is the perfect process to prevent it from bubbling or  waving in the frame. There are many techniques in the mounting services including ones  for archival materials.

Standard Mounting

  •  Tape or Spray Mounting is not a permanent process and the artwork can be easily  removed.
  • Dry Mounting: this is a Permanent – cannot remove artwork later. A sensitive adhesive  film is activated by a heat press machine and used to permanently attach a work to a  substrate, typically foam core.  Please be advised that an Artwork of a great value should  not be dry-mounted since it can greatly affect any resale value. Our experienced designers  are at your disposal for any questions on preservation and conservation techniques.
  • Form Mounting – This is for artworks that are already mounted to a board which is cut to the exact size of the artwork. The piece is usually meant to be matted with one or more  mats.

Conservation Mounting

  •  Acid-Free framing tape. Your artwork can be mounted onto an Acid-Free foam board or  mat. Only Acid-Free tape is used in this process.
  •  Corner framing “pockets” & “Art Saver” strips.
  •  Museum Conservation Hinging – the ultimate protection.
  •  Stretching, Lacing and Sewing Fabric : These are other archival mounting techniques  that are preferably used for items such as flags or jerseys. They are stretched and  attached to an Acid-Free mat or foam board with needles. This allows a precise  placement of your item and is completely reversible.

Stretching a Canvas has to be properly done to display Oil Paintings, Giclee Prints on Canvas  or other Canvas Media. If the canvas is too tight, the image could be damaged and the stretch  board could bend and if it’s not stretched enough then you will have waves or bubbles where  the canvas is loosely pulled.There are typically three different methods to stretch your canvas  which would be applicable to either a canvas transfer, a print on canvas or an original oil on  canvas.
The first method is called “Standard Stretching” where the whole image is carefully  shown on the front and none of it on the sides. The staples are placed on the sides of the  piece. This method is usually used when a frame is added to the piece for a cleaner display  and to enhance the beauty of the art.
The second method is called “Museum Stretching” where the whole image is displayed  on the front of the piece with the plain white canvas is showing on the sides. The staples are  placed on the back of the stretch board and do not show. In some cases the artist prefers the  sides to be painted black and in other cases the artist may prefer painting it with a color that is  complementary to the colors in the painting itself. We treat the sides to the owner’s
specifications in order to stay faithful with the artist’s intentions.
The third method is the “Gallery Stretching”.  Just as the “Museum Stretching”, the  staples are placed on the back of the stretch board but the edges of the image are wrapped  around the sides. The plain white canvas does not show.
Both the “Gallery” and the “Museum Stretching” could be hung with or without a frame.
However, if you use the “Gallery Stretching” and a frame, the image on the sides will be lost.

At Jack’s Gallery, we cut our own stretch boards at the exact sizes of the artwork, depending  on the stretching technique you select. We have stretching boards with different thicknesses  for small and large size canvas. We also offer special frames destined specifically to stretched  artwork.

Shadow Box Design

Not sure what to do with that signed sports jersey or antique ornament? Put it  in a shadow box or object box. This frame is made from a deep moulding in  which three-dimensional items can be displayed Shadowbox frames have an additional channel cut into them, which the  glass is inserted into. This allows the picture to be framed without a mat and  still have protection from condensation.

Your artwork deserves the best. We have in stock a wide variety of glasses and acrylic.
We carry regular glass, non-glare, conservation, non-glare conservation, Museum glass.
Our design staff will be happy to recommend the appropriate glazing for your project.
Regular glass
Your artwork deserves the highest quality regular glass available. We use the Premium Clear® framing glass from Tru Vue. It is best glass for frames displayed in a controlled lighting environment. Too much light could cause reflection.
UV Protective Glass
Over time, indoor and outdoor UV rays affect your artwork. They can cause fading, thus preventing you from enjoying the original colors your photographs for example. Paper item arts can be discolored and irreversibly damaged. Conservation Clear® framing glass helps block ultraviolet rays and enhance true colors while
protecting from fading. It will help you preserve and enjoy your art for years.
UV Protection blocks 99% of harmful UV light rays and Provides conservation protection without glare protection
Non-Glare Glass
If your art is exposed to direct light; the glass can cause glare and distract the viewers from the framed piece. You may want to use, in this case, the non-glare
glass which will suppress the glaring and that mirror effect that a regular glass may have. The Reflection Control® glass “is chemically finished to scatter light as it
strikes the glass”. It protects your piece from unwanted glare and distortion. This glass does not provide UV Protection.
The Non-glare conservation glass is a combination of a non-glare glass and a UV protective glass, perfect for those who display their art in a bright room. It
enhances the beauty of the artwork, protects from fading and discoloration and eliminates reflection and glaring.
The Conservation Reflection Control® with 99% UV Protection is perfect for shiny photographs, exposed to direct light.
The Museum Glass® is the best glass option for all framed works of art. It is the highest quality anti-reflective, UV protective glass in the framing industry.
It produces an ultra protective, nearly invisible finish. It protects against 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays and it is the best glass product against
reflection and distortion. This glass will change the perception of your art. It is an attractive display and the most durable quality.

Custom-Made Frame Collections

  •  Available in Any Size – Panoramic Frames, Square Frames & More – in 1/8″  Increments
  •  Largest In-Stock Frame Selection – Canvas Frames, Photo Frames & More
  •  Customizable Options – Add Mats, Glazing, Backing, Linen Liners & Archiva Elements

Jack’s Gallery carries a wide variety of frames ready to be custom made. All our frames are done on premises. Your artwork will safely stay in our frame shop until
delivered or picked up. We are fully insured and we guarantee your satisfaction.
We provide to our customers a large selection of metal and wood frames, hand finished and gold leaf frames from all colors and designs.
For superior craftsmanship, you have at your disposal frames from high standing companies like Larson-Juhl and Roma Mouldings. The designs they offer are unique
and the qualities are indisputable. We carry full sample lines from both companies and we can help you choose the frame that will enhance the beauty of your art.
We will gladly meet with you at our shop to discuss art styles, colors, and framing options. We have numerous art catalogs, including a computer program featuring
thousands of works, and can help you select art, mats, and frames that will fit your style and space.
All work done at Jack’s Gallery is guaranteed to your satisfaction.





We also recommend Artaissance for unique art ideas. You can ask for your artwork to be shipped to our shop for framing.

Artaissance is an online art reproduction gallery thatallows you to custom size artwork to fit your home decor needs. Over 3,300 images available on both paper and canvas.


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